Monday, February 23, 2015


Avocado tree started from a seed. I'm not entirely sure the date I collected and planted the seed or when it finally began to grow but the  time stamp on the first photo is August. I cannot remember for sure but it seems like it had been growing for a couple of months by time I transplanted and photographed it.  The other photos are from February 4. In these photos then, we're probably looking at an eight month old tree.  I pinched off the top in December I believe, and since then it has developed two branches. I've wired them to keep them growing horizontally for awhile yet. The original seed seems to be growing too. It's twice as big as it was when it came out of the fruit, and it's turning green on the top. I keep this tree at the office for now. It gets plenty of direct sunlight and constant temperatures upwards of 65f which would not be the case at home. 

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