Monday, June 9, 2014


Populus deltoides

Cotton wood  seedlings found in a parking lot. I dug them out of the gravel to see if I can transplant them to our yard. I may try to grow a few as bonsai.

I also took a few willow cuttings from an old willow stump. Most of them didn't look happy this morning. I wasn't sure what the correct method for propagating them is so I tried a few things. We'll see which one works.

**Quick update, they all died. I believe they need high humidity to keep from drying out while their roots regrow. I'll again with a moisture tent. I tried to dig them gently, but I am sure that the gravel was destined to break off the secondary roots. They looked like there should have been enough remaining when they came out. Another possibility is that the roots were too wet. Not sure, but I'll try again. Come spring there'll be a whole new generation coming up that will need to be saved from the indiscriminate blades of the lawnmower.